Coolant lubricants and grinding coolants

The future of high-performance cooling lubricants

As indispensable components in the metalworking industry, coolant lubricants and grinding coolants play a decisive role in optimizing production processes and extending the service life of machines. Discover with us the wide range of applications, our latest developments and proven technologies to make your production process more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Immerse yourself in the world of coolants and be inspired by our potential!

Customized coolant lubricants and grinding coolants


As individual as your machining process is, as customized we manufacture your cooling lubricant

The future of cooling lubricants – efficient, safe and powerful: the all-rounder for your MQL system

High-purity ingredients for maximum precision

The synthetic, mineral oil and nitrite-free high-performance abrasive coolant for the highest demands

Innovative, label-free high-performance cooling lubricant for all materials